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Applications & Installations
ISOBOARD® is ideal for energy conservation and efficiency in all types of industrial or commercial buildings and in dwellings. Other applications include warehousing and factories, agricultural sheds (where clean and healthy environments are essential), cold storage, cavity wall insulation, flooring, dry lining and sandwich panels with various laminates.
  Storage and Handling ...

Unused materials should be stored in covered areas away from direct sunlight and ultra-violet rays. 

Insulation boards once placed on the roof should not be left exposed. It is recommended that the insulation be immediately covered with the follow up system – e.g.: paving slabs, screed, sheeting, etc. to avoid possible degradation.

Dust could settle on the face of the board if stored in dusty conditions. Wipe clean with damp cloth before installation.

Soot from diesel smoke could be attracted to the product. If you envisage construction plant in the vicinity after board has been installed, then wipe board down with damp cloth in water softener solution available from us, before installation.

Surface damage can be expected if product is not handled with care.

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