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Isoboard Characteristics
Dimensions:       Standard Size is 2500mm x 600mm
                         Other dimensions available on request

Thicknesses:      Standard thicknesses are: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
                         Other thicknesses available on request

Edging:              Tongue and Groove
                         Straight edge

Colour:              Blue

Thermal conductivity
ISOBOARD’S® homogeneous cell structure, skin faces and vapour diffusion prevents any convective motion within the board. This structure also mitigates against any ageing, resulting in stable, low, long term thermal conductivity.
Resistance to water and vapour penetration
ISOBOARD® has a closed cell structure with no interstitial space and an outer skin of denser material. This, combined with the lack of voids and capilliaries, ensures that it is almost impossible for water and water vapour to enter the board.

The cellular structure of ISOBOARD® ensures a high compressive strength.
Fire Behaviour
ISOBOARD® contains a flame retardant additive and has been tested in accordance with Aus/NZ 1530.3 - 1999.

Dimension Stability
The regularity and homogeneity of ISOBOARD® cellular composition ensures dimensional stability.

Chemical Resistance
ISOBOARD® is stable and has good resistance to acids, bases, cold bitumen, silicon oils but is unstable to tars, organic solvents, hydro carbon, gasoline and oil-based paints.
ISOBOARD® can be easily cut with wood-working tools (a serrated blade (eg. hacksaw) is preferable), mechanically fixed and bonded with suitable adhesives.
Biological Effects
ISOBOARD® is resistant to bacteria, micro organisms, insect and rodent attack.

Environmentally friendly, as CFCs are not used in the manufacture of ISOBOARD®

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Properties of ISOBOARD® products
Properties of ISOBOARD® ND grade product
Data sheets
ISOBOARD-Product Information data sheets
ISOBOARD-AS-NZS3837 FireTest-Isoboard Insulshield